From Amidst the Muddy Waters, I Will Bloom

Vast intensive research via wikipedia shows that the lotus flower is by nature a thing of beauty native to tropical Asia. Its beauty and symbolism has been captured through various mediums such as paintings, photography, permanently inked skin and has even been known to be used as the foundation to which various blog sites have been dedicated – such as this one. I have chosen the lotus flower for its beauty, a gift of nature to remind me of my own unique design as a feminine being. These are my thoughts and experiences on my journey to health. From amidst the muddy waters, I will bloom.

This past year there has been times where I felt as though I was drowning in muddy waters, swaying to and fro with emotion, and with every heartache – a petal plucked. Would you believe this was an answer to prayer? A prayer that I might be whole again, my joy restored and a right spirit be created within me. Little did I know the dynamics nor the depths in which my being would be challenged, my heart broken, and my spirit refined. Love saved me. Finally I was able and willing to let go, finding freedom from bitterness and pain-cutting away the weeds of guilt and shame which hung around my neck. Love from friends and family guided me through the murky waters that brought me back to Peace. Do I struggle and still experience life’s ripples in my still waters? Of course (enter amused giggle here) for He’s still working on me. But while the journey may seem rough at times, my soul is at peace as I know He watches me. Even when it rains and the muddy waters ripple, I am in bloom.

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