I Say PHEWWWY on That!!! ….. and on mathmatical word problems.

Last week we were challenged to define freedom and what does it mean to lose it.  Today I’d like to address a little issue that keeps popping up in everyday conversation when addressing the topic of  weight loss.   As a personal trainer I specialize in the area of individual physical freedom.  I realize this a very generalized and heavy statement, but there’s truth in it.  Boundaries and limitations need to be identified in my own specific expertise as the physical wellness arena has many different professions and modalities in movement, function and recovery.   One of the biggest misconceptions that is infamously indoctrinated into our society (hence the bee-in-the-bonnet) regarding physical health or more specifically weight loss is the idea that it’s as simple as a mathematical equation = calories consumed must be less than Calories burned = SUCCESS. Simple. If you can not achieve this goal than you are weak and a failure. Well if your anything like me and view mathematical equations much like chinese torture treatments, then I give up – it was Cornell Mustard in the library with the knife. I cave and unfortunately the feeling of guilt and failure sets in and the endless cycle is perpetuated usually washed down with some form of iced cream, chocolate of course – two scoops and maybe some whipped cream, depending on the epic proportion of failure in which I’ve experienced and the size of guilt I lay claim to.

problems with math problems

How sad is it that we are programmed, manipulated and guilted into believing that we are as weak as our weakest link and should we not succeed in the attainment of the perfect image aka cookie cutter hollywood body, then our chain has too many kinks are we are broken. This hangs heavy on the shoulders of far too many people and therefore binds us to the guilt and the title of failure hangs around our neck or worn in the form of muffin tops around our girdle.  Some wear it proudly and pridefully.  Some hide, scared of public opinion robbing us of the joy of the gift that is our bodies.  I say pheewwwy!!!!!

Physical freedom within me is not defined solely by my body type, image or size.  For me to achieve and be free I must seek it on a multilevel challenge and I must rejoice in the creation that is uniquely me.  There is no one else like me.  I was planned therefore I have a plan and I am useful.  I refuse to be defined by other people’s unrealistic views and biases.  It is my choice and my will to make the change and with every challenge I will pick up, brush off and keep on truckin’.   My baggage has been checked and my burden lifted.  Move with me for I was meant to move.  Teach me and I will learn.  Challenge me and I will grow stronger.  In Love, I will succeed. For through the muddy waters I will bloom.

Cause when I’m in bloom, I’m a force to be reckoned with.  Game on.


  1. Love your descriptive phrases Jennel! “…epic proportion of failure in which I’ve experienced and the size of guilt I lay claim to”.
    “….worn in the form of muffin tops around our girdle”
    XXOO Gramma


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