Strength and Dignity are Her Clothing and She Laughs at the Time to Come

I came across this Proverb this past week and immediately the words had imprinted onto the fibers of my heart. It’s depth and meaning applied on many levels in my life – from the physical aspect of strength to the deeper metaphysical life changing side. Personal reflection of the past few years of my life have unfolded a tale of irony.  The trials of my past may seem large in the moment but in the grand scheme of things they are but a stepping stone.  I am not alone. There is a strength upon which I can draw upon. Over the years my overall desire for life and happiness has been renewed for it is by fire I am refined…..after all happiness is a choice, it’s something willed. I can chose to be happy and be bigger than my life circumstances or I can be ruled by them thereby robbing me of the joy I so ever desire.

Today I was reminded again and set straight on my course. Was it easy? Definitely not. Am I grateful? Undoubtably!  To be raw and to be soft keeps us focused on things unseen and yet the grounding Presence that gives us peace so that we can stand in dignity and laugh at the trials to come for no matter the outcome they are already defeated.

Because through the muddy waters, I will bloom.

~ Jennel

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