The Fourth Porcelain Monkey

Many times my actions mimic those of the porcelain monkeys that my Grandma Harder had in her china cabinet. Each one labelled accordingly – hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. I can choose to cover the ears to my heart and pretend I don’t hear that still small voice of Truth. Or I can cover the eyes of my soul blinding me from accepting the soul quenching love that is so freely given. Or lastly, I can do as the third monkey and cover my mouth, the voice of my being because in silence I hide. Hide to ignore the truth or hide in the lies I tell to justify my inaction.

Breaking down the barriers/chains to past hurts takes a choice. Not an easy choice but one in the simplest of creation. One in which will breathe life into our darkest moments. So to give witness to my choice, my will, my souls desire, I will open my ears so that I may hear You and stand in awe and wonder that is You – to hear Your voice over the silence of my own. I will open my eyes so that I may see Your beauty and Your power. No shame. No judgement. I will speak words of truth and share the desires of my heart and my deepest fears so that You may know the true me and I you.

My world is my choice therefore I must choose carefully. What will you do when the road of life bends and throws you off course? Look to those around you. Your family. Your friends. Your Soulmate. When we cover ourselves in the blanket of denial and hide, we add a fourth monkey. This monkey stands with a crutch of excuse. Hunched and debilitated with pain. He carries with him added baggage to the all ready heavy weight of his world.

This is my voice. This is my choice. No more crutch of excuse. No more finger-pointing. It may seem trivial but its life altering. Invest in me, encourage me, so that my choices be put into action and my world will be a better place with you by my side. As you do for me, I will do for you also.

Happy thanksgiving to those that I love and to the One who loves me more.

For it is my choice, that I will bloom.

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