Once Upon a Time…..

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, life has been kinda set on cruise control. The ebb and flow of chaos to sanity somewhat controlled and unremarkable, and yet today I feel the need to blog. Perhaps life is becoming more stable? In some ways yes, other ways not so much. I think I’m entering a different chapter in the story of my life. These chapters progress into books and books into a series. There is constant progression in different themes and everyday adventure adding further clarity and development of my character and the relationships within.

I feel as though the expression my current chapter in my life book is entering a whole new genre. It’s somewhat disconcerting to not have a grasp as to some familiarity on the direction of this new plot or story line of my life. I feel that perhaps I’m not quite into a new book in the series entitled Jennel, but I can see that I’m coming into the conclusion phase and the setting and plot is being laid down for the next to follow. Now if your anything like me, when fully immersed into the riveting tale being set before you as the author’s penmanship comes to life in your imagination, there are times my heart paces with such terrifying excitement and the urge not to skip ahead in an uncontrollable desire to know that “IT’S GOING TO BE OK JENNEL.” My soul wrenching desire to calm the tears and the palpating desperate heart is ever present and my mind races….. Does he kiss her? Do they escape this perilous adventure? Will he live? But most of all, do they live happily ever after? There even has been times heaven forbid the author, in their twisted morbid self, decide to mess with us as readers, ripping our heart out with complete devastation and story unfolds before us, revealing he doesn’t get to kiss the girl, he doesn’t sweep her off her feet, or worse he dies and there’s no happily ever after.

Shock sets in.

Emotions rage.

We cry out in utter brokeness, tears flow, noses run, and the internal turmoil of emotions are escalated to a point where books have been know to be thrown across the room in pure madness. Exiled and forgotten, it lies there on the floor for days in a purely conscious choice of ignorance of its existence until one day when the grieving period has run its course we pick it up and THROW it out!!!! “I will NOT have that kind of garbage in my house!!!!!”

Weeks, months, years maybe go by and certain happenings in our lives require us to reference that heart wrenching experience and the book that caused such escalating emotion and we think “hmmmmmmm that was a GREAT book I’m going to go buy it again.”

….and REPEAT.

So apparently I have a heightened imagination, I’m not alone though am I? Nevertheless I have given up trying to control the words and flow of my life and now let the true Author to bring me alive, moulding my character and guiding me on His story. Because when living with the Word, victory is inevitable, diversity is overcome, the owner of the glass slipper is found, he actually kisses the girl and they live happily ever after in a new series of books and adventures authored by the one who created them.

Now I wonder who will be the Prince? I soooooo wanna jump forward to see what is to come. But I will wait patiently as this book is about me finding my true Prince and discovering his beauty in his creation that is me.

For under His penmanship, I will bloom.

Book Hangover

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