From a Closet Full of Emotions to a Soulful Addiction

I stand in front of a closet stuffed full with emotions. Tenderly I reach for one of my precious pairs of shoes, I can remember the day I bought them. My heart quickens. My breath shallows. My eyes soften with the memory. So beautiful. So pretty. Painful but bearable, in both memory and when worn. Even now I run my finger along the detailed design and fall head over heels once again. It’s a love affair. Fifty or so (whose counting) love affairs. All bearing different shapes, sizes and purpose. Each unique and each bought to fill in a void for a real love affair.

I’ve decided to do something drastic….no no no, not THAT drastic they all stay 🙂 I’ve decided to pursue a different kind of Sole Addiction, and take a year and dedicate it to a SOUL ADDICTION. One year of personal solitude in pursuit of my identity. One year in celebration that is me. One year of focus. In plain terms – one year without obsession over the future, men, would be’s, could be’s, wants, or what if’s. It’s been on my mind for some time. One year. One year of personal definition, growth and goals. Easy to say, hard to do. Its a big year with resounding life lasting results.

Stay tuned…..

For in a year, I will bloom.

FLAVIO- 651304JUNEBUGCarmen Harness Short (77375)ZOE


For those Cinderella’s out there….. check out my friends website.

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