I’m a One Girl Kinda Car and her Name is Elenor

What is it that puts a vehicle in motion? Is it all the mechanical parts – or the body if you will? Is it the fuel we use to feed the body – the motivation and passion of a desired outcome? Or is it the gas pedal? Or perhaps is it the turning of the key, lighting the ignition – the potential energy for movement or change? There you are sitting in your vehicle called life. You can feel it. You can touch it. It’s all around you. Maybe it’s a new model or an oldie that will require work time and effort, and as you sit excitement and passion flows through your veins, knowing what is to come? It runs. The mechanics are functioning, the fuel is flowing……and yet there it sits. So again I ask what is it that puts it in motion? And again I question is it the gas pedal -press the pedal to the metal so to speak? OR maybe even broken down further, is it the action upon which you lifted your foot and physically pressed on the gas pedal?

It’s all of those things and none of those things. None of it would happen, the dream or desire wouldn’t flow, the gas pedal doesn’t press itself, the car wouldn’t build itself, the roar of engine and all it’s power wouldn’t burn through your veins and excite your blood if it weren’t for one thing and one thing only. The choice.

You can dream it. You can want it. You can sit in it and feel it. It can make you feel alive in the moment thinking about what it will be like with time, dedication and love but it will never happen if the initial choice of will isnt given to put into action the sequence of events required to make it real. Your foot doesn’t drive the pedal down and the key doesn’t turn itself…. It’s a conscious thought of will and choice to put into motion what could be. With each choice a different outcome results, pushing through till the end goal is realized. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take work. It’s going to frustrate you at times and leave you with the ultimate choice…. To continue the fight or to walk away.

Nothing in this life comes easy. Anything of good and value takes works, dedication and love and when we don’t know how to do something we ask. If we see a problem we become aware and make it known so that it too can be addressed and fixed. And with each decision to push through, so too is the dream realized. The cycle repeats till one day you have this amazing machine which fills you with pride and very little maintenance is needed because she’s your baby and you know her. Don’t just sit in it and say you want something. Don’t sit and enjoy how she feels in the moment and say you want the final package and then hem and haw about all the work if your not going to make the choice to do what it takes to realize a dream. Shift your focus to the end goal, the big win, the Eleanor of dreams – define it, the make the choice and put it into action. The difference between a dream and reality is doing it. If you can’t define it and you can’t make the choice, the dream was gone 60s ago.

What CHOICES are you needing to make and put into ACTION to realize your dream in 2013? Define it, don’t just dream it. Because with definition comes choice and with choice come accountability and with accountability comes the realization of a dream.



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