2013 – A Celebration that is You

As I sit here at home these first few days in January, I find myself pausing from the post holiday hustle and reflecting on this past year, excited with focus on this new beginning – a new year. I’m home as are many, with sick kids plagued with what seems to be a common theme according to current status updates on social media. My mind struggles with lists and ideas of the work I’m missing, giving me itchy feet and antsy hands. that being said, my heart is still as I laze with my munchkins and time is made bearable by the blessing of modern medicine aka Advil, a warm blanket, cuddles and cinematic entertainment. So while the Avengers save the world, I sit and attempt expression to the muse that is my thoughts which have lingered for too long on this heart of mine……

Within my life, I wear many hats and as a personal trainer, these hats can change from one moment to the next depending on the client or even within my day-to-day job requirements necessary to allow for growth and performance towards the vision that collectively is The Reach, to People’s Church and individually as an ambassador of Christ to the good of His great plan. 2013 has been one of struggle, humility and continual growth and often I find myself going through the motions of life with a nearsighted heart – pridefully intent on doing things my way. But I can confidently assure you that with grace, accountability and a strength given within and those around me, I am able to push forward revealing the true nature of what this year has been – a blessing upon me and a reminder to put aside the costume change of hats and be steadfast in purpose and identity. For had it not been for this year I would not be who I am today nor would I be who I will be tomorrow – one day, one adventure, one breath closer to the Beauty that lives within me.

It seems lately that God has impressed upon my heart a challenge for personal growth and opportunity. While I have listened and heard, it was by stubborn choice I was at a stalemate. Time, however is a funny thing – it marinades the heart. So now I reflect again and I ask “Jennel, what separates you from greatness – from living for Him to living in Him? When will you be the transform from water to wine, full of flavour and pleasing to the one who created you? When will you loosen your grip and put down the stones in which weigh you down with self sabotage and guilt? And finally, when Jennel will you put somethings to an end so that new beginnings might happen?”

My answer? Today and everyday forward in 2013.

And so I’d like to shift the focus just a little and as a personal trainer take this concept and apply it to our physical being. I too, in my pain, have allowed for many habits to take form which have caused me to struggle in the past with my fitness. While yes my head has the knowledge and education, my heart was too weak to put into action. Personal goals and fitness can be handicapped in mentality when thought of in a one-dimensional thought process and the chances of success hindered… success isn’t just about performance, wellness, passion, skill or ability. It’s about overcoming insecurities, growth in character and development, mental wellness, spiritual connection and having the will to commit. And so again I ask myself, those every same questions above but with a focus on my physical self.

“Jennel, what keeps you from your physical goals, from celebrating the beauty created within you? When will you transform, step by step, becoming full of life and filled with joy and desire, pleasing to the One who created you? When will you let go of the hurts, habits or hang ups in which you use to sabotage your health? And finally what are you willing to give up so that you can start a new beginning in your fitness journey?”

If you share these same struggles and the same desire to meet your goals whatever they may be, join me at the Reach for classes, book a consultation, email me or just drop in for a coffee to ask questions and we’ll make a plan together so that you will experience success and results. You don’t have to do it alone, there is support. Life was meant to live in its fullness.

I sincerely pray for strength given within as you experience 2013 in its fullness – strive for greatness, push on as it is through joys and trials that we are blessed with growth and the confidence of identity and realizing our goals.

Happy New Year
~ Jennel


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