Here to There

A little while ago I blogged about new chapters and new beginnings in my life; I could feel that the current novel in which I was living was about to conclude and that a new story was unfolding, setting the stage for what’s to come.  So here I sit in a sea of cardboard boxes, in an unfamiliar home, with a new job still within the industry that I love and people I love…… and I smile.  It’s been quite a journey, and getting from there to here hasn’t been easy, nor has it been done perfect – but it’s done!!!! A new book is being written, one now titled “From here to there.” It’s going to be different though, I’m not in a rush to flip the pages to reveal the outcome.  I’m staying in the present and I’m going to enjoy each moment, spending time getting to know new definitions and new beginnings and maybe start writing again…….. but with a much more limited audience.

Paying homage to a past, it’s there you just can’t see it……


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