My Promise to You, My Precious, My Son

My heart beats fast and my spirit is proud
For you – a gift, blessings abound.
In silence you watch, you take it all in,
So quiet, no words, sometimes forgotten.
I wonder, I watch, I pray and I think,
Often of you, a young man on the brink.
So handsome and kind, soft hearted and true,
With talent and grace God blessed upon you.
Near is the future when others will see,
These gifts as well…”Oh how cute is he!”
I give you to Him, to hold and to make,
As my heart o’erwhelmed with so much at stake.
My prayer….
A journey before you, a path you must take,
Decisions and choices, are all you must make.
A plan and a purpose in your life He has,
Life of adventure, forgiveness of past.
Be strong and be brave, be humble and meek,
In all that is life, His glory you’ll seek.
My promise to you, my precious, my son,
To love you in Him, forever till done.

~Jennel Harder aka MOM






7 years old

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