“You do realize that your a perfectionist, Jennel?”

Nervous laughter escapes my being as I exclaim “What? Me a perfectionist? I am FAR from being a perfectionist.  I have a long way to go for that!”
“Did you know that only perfectionists say they are far from being a perfectionist?”
I am silent with reflection (odd, I know) which is then followed by understanding illuminated by the imaginary lightbulb hanging over my head.
“Well when you put it that way, it explains a lot.”
For some of you reading this who know me are probably shaking their heads in acknowledgement accompanied with comments like “no kidding!”
For me, I’m not going to lie, it’s really an epiphany of sorts.  I’m seeing myself and my life with new eyes.  How can a concept so simple create such a shift in understanding? It’s a moment of inertia where I pause in stilled silence reflecting on these words and suddenly everything shifts.  The pendulum of understanding now swing in another direction and my focus adjusted accordingly.
Some call it a paradigm shift, others awareness, one even coined the phrase calling it an “ah-ha moment.”
Anyways it has me thinking those deep reflective thoughts lately…….

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