Confessions – Vanessa Spark and her Sister Luce Bianchi

Unlike most of my blogs published and unpublished, my writings usually muse and rant over a raw heart, fresh from some traumatic event that usually occurs when you mix boys and vulnerability together.  This little diddy however is dedicated to my step sister Tracie Gillis.  Like Cinderella and her struggles in life, love and….. mice, Tracie has been my rock, my foundation and my punching bag….. literally……. from day one.  I really am blessed to have such amazing friends to support me and have allowed me to cry on their shoulder, express my semi dramatic feelings and edit my ever so colourfully painted world expressed through words that is my mind, my heart and my therapy.  Namely I can list off more than a handful – my mom, Leah, Nicole, Fern, Jordie, Sherry, Paula, Joan and lately some new found friends that I look forward to watching them experience the wonder that is me…….(I think we should all consider that and name it for what it really is, a prayer request sent out on their behalf).

Unlike Cinderella however, Tracie is my step sister in whom I love and trust with my whole being.  She puts up with me more than I her and I often take advantage of that unintentionally.  Under God, and my mother of course,  she is my manager and auditor of life (nothing escapes her….it quite amazing actually – trust me I’ve tried), she is my voice of reason when I have lost my sight on what is right, my little angel side kick that whispers in my ear and dances pretty when I’m on the war path and she has been my partner in crime in far too much that can be named here on paper and in public.  Someday she will be repaid in full but until then, I owe her a few things in repayment.  Dedication and distinct acknowledgement in my first, second and third books, one day she will be my maid of honour and she gets full access to all my clothes, helps dictates all my vacation days and my gym buddy for life.  She knows FAR too much (when you and your friend have alias names you know there is ALWAY a greater story to be told) for me to even offer lesser terms to this arrangement/offer and I’m sure somewhere in there I will probably have to add her to my will and estate.  Lets just add that on my list of things to do right now.
In any case if you haven’t got the message yet, let this be said. I am grateful for everything about you and for you.  I love you.  You are my sister.
And one day He-who-can-not-be-named will treat you for a full day at the spa because he has no idea how much you have saved him from.  We are just a little blurred on the exact definition of who this “He” is at this moment, but when we do know I will be sure to tell him he owes you…..immensely.

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