Vanessa Spark

Somewhere in the middle. Somewhere between hot and cold, a tap is manipulated to produced the temperature and flow of water desired for the task at hand. On a cold blistery winter day, one might choose to soak in an extra hot bath attempting to warm the bones or soothe the ache in overworked muscles. Or perhaps one might require luke warm water to temper a fever – either/or the desired flow and temperature is manipulate via the tap.

I am a tap. My body, my mind and my soul a vessel in which all that is within me and my created being, pours forth. My personality flows revealing my fears, my strengths, my weakness, my humour and wit, and my sensitivity.

With a twist of the tap to the right, dwells Jennel. She is emotional. Her being seeks to cultivate relationships with others. She is committed to those around her and strives to connect from heart to heart. From her flows the desire to live life full of grace, seek patience, understanding and she finds rest in the beauty of nature and stillness feeds her soul. She loves flowers because when words are lost, they are found in natures beauty. She is a perfectionist to a fault and struggles to live life manipulated and calculated via life’s checks and balances. Her pain is fed by fear, feelings of worthlessness and loss of control. She makes up for slightly more than half of my complete being and is tame at heart.

Vanessa Spark, She’s a full turn to the left and them some. She is the personification of wit, humour and my left sided personality. She is backwards in life yet forward in direction. Awkward but funny. Absurd yet real. Competitive and yet fun. She is all spice and no sugar. Just as superman is to Clark, Vanessa claims title as super hero to my adventure called life and she makes up for the lesser more heated version of my being. When most venture through life in a systematic balanced fashion, going from point A to B to C and so forth, she dares to stray off the beaten path, starting and stopping, hitting random letters in random fashion. Flowers? Well……. Sure, their pretty but they will die of dehydration As her attention is shortly caught. She messes with your plans and will hit every speed bump at full force. She plays hard, love hard and falls hard. When she spills forth, she rages with a vengeance and her voice untamed. She is wild at heart.

And so we are presented with the internal battle of my tap. Vanessa struggles and attempts blitz maneuvers, public tantrums and dramatic monologues to crank my tap her way only to be stabilized and tempered by Jennel’s strength, patience, understanding. On any given day, at any given time and as life presents itself, somewhere in the middle you’ll find me.

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