The Cinderella Rule


Over the past few years I have created some personal “rules of engagement” in order to govern and control Vanessa and the events that seems to ride in on life via her chaotic coattails. My motivation and intention of applying these rules come from a sense of responsibility, integrity and moral fortitude. I would however, be escaping and evading the whole truth if I omitted the mere acknowledgment that my super hero self likes to prowl and pounce in the arena of life as  she is wild at heart. Therefor these rules are for self-preservation and empowerment and may be officially known as a self-imposed fail safe system – healthy boundaries that allow for her/I to flourish and shine but pull on the ‘reigns of life” when needed in order to maintain stability and control.

The Cinderella Rule.

The Cinderella Rule has become a key player in my life and I rely heavily on it. Any man reading this will probably enter into a confused state at this point only to confirm  their perceived silliness of our sex.  However, we as women would identify and maybe even laugh a bit at the absurd truth in it all……………It might also open the eyes of some men and answer some questions as to some of their experiences with this rule unbeknownst to them at the time, only to be left there standing alone in bewilderment while scratching their heads as if to say “what the hell just happened?”

The Cinderella Rule is basically this. All women who value themselves, their men at home or the men they will meet in the future, should be home from a “girls night out” on or before the stroke of midnight – because nothing good happens after midnight. He is not your prince and if he is, he can wait. This rule is supported and also carries with it, some secondary fail safe procedures and they are as follows:

No shaving or waxing of legs and/or bikini line.

Now you women know exactly what I’m talking about. No chick will go home with a man if her legs are prickly… least none that I know of. Girls are known for taking FOREVER to “prepare” for an event and is one of the many intricate steps in the beautification process that we as women partake of. I personally believe this step is meant for nights out with your man and only your man.

ODD? Yes I know, but essential and every girl reading this is sighing an “amen sista” as if to lay claim and pledge allegiance to the code of conduct which is an unwritten, multitiered, encoded and password protected manual  of operational procedures entitled “Woman.” EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL. is thought out and planned in preparation to any event no matter how big or small – days, maybe weeks, or months before. Of course this is all depending on the type of event being attended and it’s importance as it pertains to life; time, money and prep is greatly increased accordingly and is directly proportional to the global impact of the event i.e.) weddings, grads, or “accidental run-in’s with an ex.” – OHHHHHH trust me that is all choreographed and planned. We could run a high-profile sting operation with world war consequences at stake, with a snap of a finger and no man would even know his life was even in peril at the time. We are JUST. THAT. GOOD.

The Cinderella Rule. Use it. It saves hearts.

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