Grandpa, Tell Me about the Good Ol’ Days


Jeans and T-shirts were the in thing to wear.  I walked back and fourth to town which was 1.5 miles, give or take a few.  We took the “beater” truck for drives out in the backwoods.  Apparently it was cool to wear sorrel boots and shorts to school in the middle of winter.  We went skinny dipping.  Had bush parties.  I knew who was in town by watching the highway from atop the hill where I lived.  We lit molotov cocktails and nearly started a forest fire. I was building fires and cooking edible plants from a cookbook for fun.  We had chickens…..GROSS.  We had GT snow racer trails named “sewerside” rather than suicide hill and we walked up each hill every time.  We didn’t have computers.  We picked berries on the weekends and got firewood for winter and water from the spring.  I had 32 kids in my graduating class.  My english teacher taught my brother and my mom and dad.  We climbed Red Rock and Ormond creek falls.  We camped in tents…..I could do without that one.  We paid long distance.  We dialled 9-6948 rather than 250-699-6948.  Bush parties were out at the gravel pit, the airport, forestry beach, dougans field ….. that’s all I know as I wasn’t allowed to any of them.  I could tell if my dad was coming to get me because I recognized the headlights from far off in the distance.  We took the big yellow school bus on sports trips not greyhound coaches.  The rinks were FREEZING COLD.  Somehow I was able to have 3 lates reported on my report card yet my brother had 30 something even though I drove him……… We had national “skip out day” and it was a big deal.  The house parties usually consisted people from the age of 16 -35 plus.  When we woke up in the morning and the fire was low, we sat around the oven with the door open to have heat till the house caught up.  We went target practicing and shot holes in our windows…… it wasn’t me though!!!  We rode in the back of the truck home…. lots.  We shot beer cans off the fence.  We had a dead moose on our table every year and I watched my mom and dad butcher it and pack it.  We played outside in the winter when it was minus 25.  We tubed down the river every summer.  We went 4x4ing at 3 in the morning.  There was no such thing as cell service, only CB radio’s.  We made each other mixed tapes.  We actually understood the terms fast forward  and rewind.  We would walk across town to the town pantry to buy 1 cent candies.  We had small town rivalries….vanderhole!!!  We had a stop light, which continued blink red.  We went to the dump to watch the bears it was like a drive-in movie.  We stalked our Phys Ed teacher….. Ragsdale.  We slept in front of our school on our first day of grade 12 after having our pre-grad party out at the gravel pit.  I still don’t know the names of the streets in my home town just directions given by peoples houses.  People can be married and are both my cousins and not blood related, many times over.  We still did NOT date our best friends brothers.  There is always the Chinese Food Restaurant……Tony’s.  Eating at McDonald’s was 1.5 hours away and only on our monthly orthodontist appointment.  The bus ride to school for some was 1 hour or more.  The girls in my grade always dated, and married the boys 4 years older.  We collected used gum packs and stuck them as a collection to our bedroom walls.  We passed notes and folded them like origami.  I was a serial locker whore sharing my locker with Boyd, Josh, William, John only because I didn’t want to walk all the way to my locker – theirs was more convenient.  We would drive around town aimlessly as entertainment.


Am I missing anything?



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