2015 Manifesto

WOAHHHH Thats a rather large picture!!!!!

I’ve been trying to find the muse which might dismantle this mental block I’ve been having, as i focus on 2015 and the direction of my personal goals. Today I found it. In order to move forward one must reflect on the past, not that we are defined by it’s nature but rather that we are better for it. Nothing like getting a little perspective. Only thing about perspective is that it tends to have a little sting to it, as there are many choices I wish I could do over, stake claim and shout “mulligan” or simply to avoid, but try as i might there’s no going back. This chick’s got perspective.

2014 was a great year for me on a whole. I went to Choices, I coached Choices, I got a job and obtained a certification as a Health and Safety Administrator, I dared greatly by investing in my children’s lives, I spent time with my family camping and during the holidays – the list goes on. My greatest achievement and proudest self proclaimed victory was my personal growth. My heart is full and my identity anchored to that which is unshakable. Much like a favoured Suessical tale, this Grinch has got a bigger heart.

twas a year ago and her heart was small, life was too much – a feet too tall. Twelve months has past and a year is through, her heart tripled in size as it grew and grew and grew.

……that’s the best I could do at 11:27pm on a Friday night. So here’s to year four of being a single mom. Necessary endings to new beginnings. I am going to approached 2015 with honesty and integrity as well as with some grace as life always likes to through in a little spice for flavour and this girl likes it HOT. variety is spice of life Simple is beauty. Be honest. Take it slow. Tell the truth. Toss out the rule book. Conquer fear. Be active. Be impulsive. Be reckless. Be accountable. Be humble. Look up. Be Jennel.

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