I read this posting again and had to laugh at how true it is….. sometimes I’m hilarious 😛

Vanessa Spark

Where did yesterday go?

Actually never mind yesterday, where did the last year go? or the last 10 years?

It seems that 10 years ago life was much simpler. My son was a year old, my husband and I had just bought our first house and I was a stay at home new mom juggling the joys and pains of motherhood and learning life with the love of my life.

Somewhere between then and now as our family grew, so did our priorities and responsibilities; so much so communication became lost in translation ultimately causing blurred “vision” or development of completely opposing definitions of the order of priority placement. Denial’s slippery finger prided itself in the cracks of the foundation that was my family and it wiggled and wiggled until what we thought was solid ground, was fractured.

I am now a single mom but by no means am I…

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