You Can’t Hurt Me….I’m made of Irony.

“Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the courthouse together with my ex going through the motions of filing for divorce so I thought I would mark the occasion with a short blog regarding my experience.  I don’t normally write about the particular events or people in my life, but today, it seems appropriate.  I thought I’d share a snapshot in time over the irony of it all.” ~Jennel

Conversation between Tyler (husband), myself (wife) and the Commissioner of Oath:

SETTING: In a room where there was 6 couples together in a One-Stop-Shop Divorce Filing Workshop. It’s noisy and loud and we are wrapping up as we are running out of time.  Quick to get it done and over with, our conversation goes as follows:

Round One

COM: “Do you want to “Swear” or “Affirm” these statements?

ME: “What do you mean “Affirm?

COM: “……like swear before God  or not if these statements are true or go on your word.

ME (between the sense of urgency and noise of the room, only hearing “before God”): “Affirm then

Tyler (not caring) confirms to her: “Whatever

COM: “Do you Tyler Schmidt and Jennel Schmidt affirm —

ME: “WAIT WAIT….. Can you start all over.  I misunderstood you.  To affirm before God doesn’t make any sense.

COM (I can see is a little annoyed): “Then you would Swear

ME: “Yes I want to Swear

TYLER repeats: “Whatever

Round 2

COM: “Do you Tyler Schmidt and Jennel Schmidt swear, before GOD (looks at me), that the contents in these affidavits are true…..


…………. Irony at it’s most humbled state.

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Hurt Me….I’m made of Irony.

  1. Wishing you well in your new independence! Thank you for sharing, definitely not something I have any experience with but very amazing way to end a marriage. You will move forward and be happy, I can tell from just reading a little from you. Blessings!


  2. You need to patent that saying “You can’t hurt me. I’m made of irony.” It just came up on a search for irony on the interwebs. It should be on t-shirts and posters, girl!


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