In Darkened Fog

Today's assignment is dark and far too common.   Depression is a thief that waits in a darkened fog or mental cloud and robs us of life.  It starts as a whisper or mist in the air and then sets deep and dark, thick like fog and seeps, and seeps till we go crashing.  There … Continue reading In Darkened Fog

A Rendezvous of a Different Sort

They say to write about what you know. I write about the heart, so naturally that includes my children, men and chocolate. The assignment was to involve any interpretation of the word journey, in this case a rendezvous of a scandalous affair dipped in chocolate. ~Jennel A Rendezvous of a Different Sort Words whispered - … Continue reading A Rendezvous of a Different Sort

Ode to Man on Valentines Day

Woman. What a curious creature we are! Historically, we have had built and broken kingdoms. Monuments have been built in our honour. Prose have been penned in mourning both battle of war and heart. We bore the very men who have bled for us, fought for us and died for us. Men have loved us, not … Continue reading Ode to Man on Valentines Day