Ode to Man



What a curious creature we are!

We are the epitome of an oxymoron personified.  Historically, we have built and broken kingdoms.  We have monuments built in our honor and prose sung in mourning both battle of war and heart.  We bore the very men who have bled for us, fought for us and died for us.  Men have loved us, not as we love them but as they love us.  Wild and bold.  We consume men, for they have longed for us in both pleasure and nurture and there we stand and hold the key.

Woman, whose kingdom are you building?  Whose kingdom are you breaking? Do you not know what you have? Do you know what God gave to you?

You possess the key to a man. A man whose very being is dedicated and at his utmost core to the depth of the fibers which knit his soul, lives for you.  He longs to care for you. His being is permeated with the desire to provide for you and all consuming love for you.  His thoughts devour your being in both intimacy and honor. He struggles and he strives for understanding and acceptance, yet there you stand holding his key?

Your body is more than for pleasure. Your more than flesh and feast. You bore his child.  Part of him grew inside you and created his offspring.  He lives for you.

And there you stand and hold the key.

You can crush him or make his kingdom.

It all starts with you as we are responsible for ourselves.

On this day, give him the key and let him love you in his own brazen and wild way for what woman doesn’t want to be devoured?


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