In Darkened Fog

Today’s assignment is dark and far too common.   Depression is a thief that waits in a darkened fog or mental cloud and robs us of life.  It starts as a whisper or mist in the air and then sets deep and dark, thick like fog and seeps, and seeps till we go crashing.  There is hope after the darkness.

Subject: FOG

Form Elegy

Device: Metaphor

In Darkened Fog 

Thick and heavy there he sits,

Like frost he heaves, fractured thick.

Down down he lurks like black’ned gold,

Drowned in darkness, hearts now shoaled.

Slowly and steady there he waits,

With snake-like stealth he sets his bait.

Darkened fog now clouds the soul,

Shot dead, point blank with Satan’s pistol.

Now he lays with death’s dark eyes,

Starring up to crystal skies.

~Jennel Schmidt

7 thoughts on “In Darkened Fog

  1. G’day Vanessa,
    You have described the scourge as it deserves to be described. I am very impressed rendering me so pleased I dropped in to thank you for your visit and follow, both are very much appreciated

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Vanessa: I have included you in a poetry challenge. If you are not into this sort of thing, please feel free not to participate. It is supposed to be fun. The challenge is to post a poem about what LOVE IS…. to you. The criteria are: the poem is 10 lines long, each line begins with the word love and is only 4 words long. When you have completed the poem post it and list 15 other bloggers you think would enjoy the challenge. You can read more about this challenge at In love and light Cheryle


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