Never Trust a Man who Lies over Bacon

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  To a man, love comes in the shade of red.  Rare baseball sirloin red. Now that’s a paint colour. Name that colour to any man and they will know the very shade of which you speak.  It’s the colour of sex.

Bacon.  The meat of men.  Otherwise known as meat candy,  edible sex, the ambrosia of all foods, the cheese of meat, the “Dessert Eagle” of meat products,  sex in a skillet and my personal favourite……A nice piece of ass.

I once had a man say to me after offering to cook him bacon and eggs, “I’d love eggs but I don’t like bacon.”

…… W.T.F?

I never saw him again for a man cannot be trusted if he lies to you over bacon.  There’s something incredibly sexy in the way a man loves his meat.

I however would lie over Bacon any time……….but that’s a whole other blog.

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