I am a Full Assed Woman in a Half Assed World

Thank God for struggle!!!!

I struggle, I deal and I’ve been broken. But I am here, wild and strong. I will struggle again and again as we have never been guarenteed easy. I have no fear in sharing my values and ethics even when delivered in the worst of ways. I mess up, I screw up and I most certainly fuck up, for I am still learning and will continue to learn till I have no breath.

To the idea of being picky….here’s my response. I am not interested in easy. I am not interested in temporary and I’m not interested in the superficial. But most of all I’m not interested in perfect. Perfection is for the scared and afraid, for liars and denyers…(yes that’s a word).

I’m not interested in the common place and everyday for you are tomorrow’s memory…and well, plain instant oatmeal. You may go the distance but sooner or later your taste becomes bland. Your nutrients are depleted and the integrity of your character has been compromised but packaged to sell, sell, sell.

Why? Because I am worth every struggle, every tear and every moment of joy. My character maybe flavorful but I’m worth every taste. Somewhere, sometime, God willing, we will meet. Until then, no thanks.

One can not take away what has been given to me in my heart. I want to surround myself with those who struggle and yet find joy and hope amidst turmoil for they too know this is temporary and tomorrow is a new day.

So yes I am picky. EXTREMELY picky for theres precious cargo aboard. I’m most definitely not perfect. I’ve had enough of mediocre and half-assed.

For I am a full assed woman in a half assed world.


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