Marshmallows and Meat

I heard this story on Sunday and I have decided to borrow it as I think we could all identify one way or another depending where in our journey we are.

A kindergarten teacher decided to do a little experiment on will power or should I say the lack of it in today’s society.

It was snack time.  Nothing like adding the element of hunger to give the experiment the basic element of physical need to provide for our body.

To each kid she handed a single marshmallow.  I personally can’t stand marshmallows, but I think we can all agree that kids lose their ever lovin’ mind over these sweet balls of chemical delight. They were fresh and different colours to add appeal to their visual senses…….. just take a moment to bring to mind that smell that fills the air when you pop open a bag of fresh marshmallows around the campfire, just before it burns to a black crisp! 😛

Let the sugar craving begin.

To each kid she gives one and sets it before them on the table and with it, she gives these instructions:

“Ok kids, we are going to have a snack, but we are going to make it into a game and these are the rules. 

It’s your choice, eat your marshmallow now and be done with it OR……


If you wait till I return back to the classroom and still have your marshmallow then I shall reward you with another marshmallow.  Yes that is right!  Persevere, use your willpower to exercise self-discipline and you will be rewarded.”

Excitement filled the air and chaos grew as the challenge of eating these delicious balls of white goo was too good to be true…..AND to get the chance of being able to eat yet another one.

NO FREAKING WAY!!!  They had this.

So off the teacher went outside the classroom and through the window watched the kids.

Not long after she left the room, the excitement in the room shifts to nervous anxiety.  Right off the bat, Billy the-rule-breaker ate his marshmallow in defiance and in a chubby bunny mouthful, states “this is a stupid game, who cares!” and walks off to play with the building blocks in the corner.

Seeing this, just dialed the anxiety level of the room up a few notches.  Pretty soon, hands starts playing with them and holding the prize possession so close to their mouth they can almost taste it.  Groans were being let out and squeals of delight as kids broke and broke again eating their delicuousness until only one last kid remained.

That’s right.  Out of the whole entire class, only one kid endured the temptation of the 5 minute absence of the teacher.  He struggled.  He stared.  He smelled it.  He might have even touched it, squishing it just a little to watch it slowly form back into its preserved state.

Every single one of the other kids fell into the spell of the sugar craving, luring them into the temptation.  The single kid who made it through the game struggled and yet one thing separated him from the others.  He still had his marshmallow and just as promised, when the teacher returned she gave him a second marshmallow in reward.

The point of the story.

Good things come to those who wait.  Those who struggle.  Those who have smelled the marshmallows of their life, maybe over indulged in them at one time and have fought the fight, but today chooses self-discipline.

Whatever your “marshmallow” be, we ALL have them.

I’m a single mom living in a very single and readily available world.  There are many shiny objects available for the distraction and pleasure that today’s society says “if it feels good, just do it”, just like the kids in the classroom did.  However, there’s a problem.  I don’t play to lose. To me, to play for the love of the sport is to play to win.


I don’t come in second.

Tinder, POF, eHarmony, Match, Christian Mingle…..all of them, are the marshmallows of the single world and everyone is biting into them like starved souls.

One bite turns into two, three, four, ten……thirty.  Pretty soon there is no such thing as self-discipline, respect, truth, trust and honor – all those prizes we crave with the very depth of our being and yet we satisfy in the moment with the superficial and momentary.

Character has been lost and romance has been polluted and degraded to “come on’s” and sexting.

Do I struggle?


Do I screw up?

Time and time again.

But there comes a point where a choice has to be made.  Do I persevere now and fight the fight so that down the road I don’t just win the game, I win the damn playoffs?………its a rhetorical question, of course I do!!!!

People have laughed at me for being silly, judged me and written me off.   But in this subject, I know exactly where I stand and what I refuse to compromise.   I will not be an item on a menu list, ever.

I will be the only item.  If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but there’s no appetizer menu. The fun and adventure is learning about each other and slowly marinating together…….(dammit, now I crave steak).

Slow and steady wins the race.


…. swipe right, and move along.   No one’s watching you. In the quiet of the moment and in the boredom of your day why not just see what else might be out there and start again.

We all struggle with our marshmallows.  It’s just a choice in how this game of life is played.

Get dressed, lace up and get on the court and warm up.  I promise the game is going to be interesting and it’s going to get rough…..but that’s just foreplay for the end game, right? Get off line and get out and show up for the game, worst case senerio, you make some amazing friends and build character.

For the game of life and the game of sport.

Game on.


One comment

  1. Love the analogy Jennel! You are an amazingly talented and refreshingly honest writer! Young people need to read this and learn from it. Marshmallows can be so addictive!


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