In Darkened Fog 2

Upon his head he wears a crown,

A title most high, notoriously renowned.

Born not into royal pedigree,

A claim staked in blood stained treasonry.

He has no land, no castle to dwell,

His empire is vast, a mental hell.

Thick and heavy there he sits,

Like frost he heaves, fractured thick.

Down down he lurks like blackened gold,

A seeping darkness, a force to behold.

Fathered in time, in whispers he weaves,

Words of untruths, he now plants his seed.

In hollowed exhale he breathes death’s life,

To shroud and veil this seed of night.

Tick tick he stalks, his timing must wait,

A grand debut for this soul he must take.

Like lighting he dives striking hard and quick,

To the rawness of heart and mind spelled with trick.

Like slivers shived in shivered quake,

Her mind succumbs and her backbone breaks.

Her life now drained, her body lay limp,

Her copulated soul soon his to pimp.

“I’ll hold you and keep you in my arms of might”

He whispers sweet nothings in poisoned delight.

His voice secretes like molten molasses,

It lingers and burns, branding desire in ashes.

To have her and to hold her, in death she will part,

Sealed with a kiss and an infidel’s heart.

Translucent her skin, her lips stained red,

His fingers of death now embed and webbed.

His breath now bates, his heart beat waits,

With snake-like stealth he has set his bait.

There she lays with death’s dark eyes,

Starring up to distant crystal skies.

Her darkened fog and billowed soul,

Shot dead, point blank with Satan’s pistol.

In echoed sound, distant and faint,

A voice cries out, her death must wait.

Vague in her memory, on the tip of her tongue,

In the depths of her being, hope has sprung.

Strange in its mystery yet familiarly known,

With each word spoken, strength is sown.

“STAND UP!” She speaks. Her voice surreal,

Tangibly present, yet internally real.

Upright she stands, in morals and on ground,

A victorious defeat, Death be not proud.

He’s a deceiver of lies, untruths and untrusts,

His foothold is shallow, his demise a must.

The blue in the skies lend light to her eyes,

A wellspring of hope in her heart now lies.

In darkened fog, her soul he once caged,

The absence of light now ignited and flamed.

In life we may die a thousand life deaths,

Blinded in untruths, thought beaten in best.

Dark times may cloud in thick skies of grey,

The sun must set to start a new day.









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