Yup. I said that right. 

This is where u blink @ me & ur brows furrow in2 ur eye sockets as u try 2 comprehend my words.

That is how my marriage died.  Death by cell phone.

1st it was the constant companionship @ the dinner table.  There might as well have been a 5th place setting on the table when dinner was served @ 5:30pm qd.  There it sat in its place 2 the right of my husband’s fork & just east enough 2 B in the perfect line of sight, waiting 4 its turn 2 speak.

& speak it would.  The thing NEVER shut up.  BTW, it often spoke well in2 the night & made its way in2 our bedroom.

Then came the day I received my 1st cellphone.  It was my exes old phone as he wanted a newer model.

……….Add another setting 2 the dinner table – killing us softly one might say.

Soon convenience replaced chitchat, & “noise” filled the room.  No longer did we start ripping batteries out of those annoying toys grandparents buy in sadistic revenge but we 2 had our toys that beeped & rang & vibrated.

Often my husbands cell phone beckoned him away 2 work so I was left on my own 2 find sanity in motherhood w/ no family local 2 which 2 find support.  This is not his fault as he was providing 4 his family, but we did not make time 4 ea other.

So I took 2 my phone.

+ yet another 2 our bed along w/ our children, & our dog, dying a little more.


It wasn’t long that we became bilingual – both speaking English AWA fluent in in the written form of SMS.

Long gone was the idea that spelling mattered b/c there was autocorrect.

We didn’t need 2 waste time 2 actually verbally speak w/ another, nor waste a sec by painstakingly typing out all the letters required w/in a word tx 2 sms.

Life got busy. Work got busy as the kids grew ^.

Pretty soon our family of 6, consisting of 2 adults, 2 kids & 2 cellphones, became efficient and a hot spot of miscommunication.

We didn’t waste a sec on needless words or interaction w/ friends, family or each other.  ? would we need 2 I mean, f2f convo was a thing of the past.

Lets + in Facebook & Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, online banking, online ticket ordering, online delivery, online shopping, and hey online DATING, all conveniently accessible by the touch of a finger on our “smartphone.”

Those hard convo’s we have w/ another were/R no longer needed, as we have SMS.  The art of the spoken language had been lost and blame pointed @ ea. other 4 not taking an interest in each others life’s.

+ in TV, netflicks, & reality TV @ lay on the couch & “relax” after a long day @ work & 4 the finale + in an iPad 4 ea. member of the family b/c it’s educational & then it happens……. OMG we might have 2 spend time w/ someone f2f.

And so we died.

It was a long and slow death, once thought painless & wrap in a happiness bandaid. But the simple fact is, our family broke apart as care was never taken @ have conversations.

Life moves on & we move forward & we make it work in a new way. But now we wonder ? we R a broken society, b/c 2 fix it we create new families, w/ more cell phones, time schedules, & pieced out holidays and wounded hearts, w/ a pat on our backs & say “Hey, at least we’re not like most, they never communicate, we could B like some & only use email!”

The cell phone epidemic continues 2 invade & kill more lives & steal more happiness than any plague, drought or war.  It’s infected every life on this planet in some form.

My personal favorite lately?

All personal conversation is lost in translation & so alien 2 our culture, that there is no longer this need 4 social interaction or the niceties of hello’s & getting 2 know someone b/f we send a text 2 another 2 say “let’s fuck” (that’s not a paraphrase) and then B confused why we’re a lonely society. OMG that might mean we have 2 commit and actually B accountable 2 someone…..J/K!!! (not really, I just hadnt used that one yet, and needed to throw it in). ROFLMAO

Or somehow down the slippery path & w/ a lonely heart, we get a GF named Ashley Madison & sooner or later we get pissy b/c life is about to get real and there is now going to be conversaton.

Losing virginity

Lessoned learned.


Maybe IDK ? I’m talking about tho, as W? do u mean, u don’t understand me, right?

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