The Fall of Humanity

We cover up, let up, make up and shut up,

We lie, cheat, claim, and demand from others,

It’s my way or the high way, it’s a swipe to the right,

It’s a fake tits, fake nails, fake tan, photoshoped selfies,

It’s declaring our true inner being, and proclaiming our narsasistic self love.

It’s political lies, demands and grossly manipulated truths –

until the “truth” Is subjective, objective and imperceptive.

It’s a declaration of dependence on a drug induced culture

High on normalcy, balance, and sameness, giving way

To battle cries of “rights”  “opinions” “voice” and do as we so chose.

It’s the bitching and moaning when someone’s choice

impinges, infringes and calls out our self indoctrinated

truths backed by momentary whims and flights of fancy.

It’s the tail between the leg and the shoulder shrugged

“oops, I did it again” with the expectation – no wait, a the demand

of tolerance and understanding.

It’s the lack of backbone, no foundation, void of a standard

on which to ground our children, our morals, our future.

Heaven forbid we draw a line in the sand and say “NO, this is wrong!”

Our moral compass and the base of human rights has become

Tolerant, and entitled.

We have played a moral jenga as society teeters this way and that

As our vertebral backbone bends
And sways to the blinded masses.

Fall we will. Fall we must.
For without Fall there is no Spring.  

Winter is Coming. 

2 thoughts on “The Fall of Humanity

    1. Thank you. This one is definitely a different style than I normally do. I stepped outside my comfort zone for sure and I’m pleased with it.


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