Frankly My Dear – I Don’t Give a Damn


Have you ever been tempted?  I mean REALLY tempted?

I don’t mean with chocolate or breaking whatever umpteenth diet your now on.  I mean like, doing something where you knew in your heart of hearts that it had the potential to slowly decay at your soul, a relationship and/or another’s, and yet you purposefully chose to look the other way, be in denial, justify its presence, claim innocence, lie or simply not give a damn? Or how about as simple as living selfishly?

We ALL have to some degree or another.  Judging one another is never going to get us anywhere and really its just hypocritical but I think the true test of time is once we’ve been there, done that…..what are we going to do with it?


Live life on Purpose.  If I wish to be someone of integrity, honour and respect then I must chose to make those decisions when life throws us a quality control check.  I need to have the strength of character to make the hard decision. To live in the moment denys tomorrows joy.  If I want to be a person of integrity, then I need to make decisions with integrity.  If I want to be a person who stands up for what is right, then I need to learn to say no both to myself and to others.

It seems as thought character has been dissolved in a  solution of selfishness, immediate gratification and good old fashioned pride.  We seem to be swimming in it and calling it a beach party.

I find it appalling how the justification of choices seems to be so out of control these days, it makes my head spin.  In the Grande Prairie area alone we’ve have 4 murders in the last week……that we know of, the divorce rate is 80% due to the life styles of the rich and wannabe’s.  She’s sleeping with him, he’s sleeping with them, and pretty soon in a town of 60,000 plus (I heard maybe even 75,000) there are more dots connected many times over, than not.

I often joke about my dating and life experiences and in honest truth you have to, there are life lessons to be learned everywhere.  But in all honestly my give-a-damn scale of caring what other people think about my life registers at a negative.  I do care about those that I love, like family and friends, but when it comes to the outside world, I got nothing. My give-a-shit tank is empty.

I joke about my 10 questions which has turned into 20 now, that I ask a potential someone but really they are all just superficial conversation starters and an interlude to my twisted sense of humour.  I really don’t care if you wear white sunglasses, if it requires a running jump triple sow cow in order to get into your lifted truck, talk with your hands ALOT, claim to make a mean martini, if you have four letters in your name or even wear a toque to the gym as a thermogenic (just to name a few)……. what I REALLY care about is the attitude of your heart…..ok, I might judge you a little ;-P

Does this person live life on purpose?  Do they make conscience decisions on life that means they give a damn, or are they in it for the ride – ultimately for themselves?

Do they have the courage to tell their story wholeheartedly?

I find I ask myself that question daily and sometime I have to do a reality check and start over, apologize or simply walk away but its the ONLY way we can be true to ourselves and that certain someone we all long for.  Most times I can’t do it alone, I have to confide in a friend and I have a few very good core friends that don’t judge and aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade.  I want that in a man.

Otherwise, frankly my dear – I don’t give a damn, there’s precious cargo on board.

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