Just Keep Swimming….


Nothing weighs more heavily on someone’s  shoulders than the knowledge of knowing better.

For the better part of three years I’ve been aging and by aging I really mean solidifying.  Mobility in life and in the physical realm has become restricted and I was feeling it.  I say this because today I finally noticed change and I had to stop and take a moment to honor this as reminder to myself.

Many nights I lay in bed awake with my thoughts, often stuck on repeat.  The repetitive thought wheel spinning it’s tires and going nowhere and along with it my body. I could feel the pull through my hips and shoulder complex as I sat day in and day out at my desk, rush to get home and deal with the chaos of life, built on good intentions of adding purposeful movement into my routine….only to lay awake at 3 am remembering what I forgot to do and the slapping another plate on the bar so to speak.

All my life I’ve been active.  Always on the go, here and there, each day different than the next, some years different from the next.  Volleyball, soccer, taekwondo, gym, rinse and repeat.  Single life brought trials and restrictions in time and finances,  one by one each of my loves were scratched off the list of my life, either by the regretted necessary choice or by force.

Either way they simply were not doable as I had other things to take care of, keeping my being together, staying alive and most importantly being there for the blessings in life that remind me over and over again, to take it one step at a time – my kids.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

Somewhere in time, where some things were sacrificed, also allowed for the purposeful intention of other areas to grow.  My faith, my foundation in my being, my purpose and my will has become rock solid and for that I am grateful. But I didn’t do it alone for I have the best support system money can’t buy.  Faith and family.

My friends and my family know me all too well, and they all experience the valleys and mountains that is Jennel, which give way to the adventure that is my life……Try to keep up because yesterday was a century ago in my world….And yet I have set a course.  I have put thought into action and taking it one day at a time.

In the meantime….

Today after 2 weeks of being back at the gym and taking a small portion of my day and dedicating it to movement, the pain in my shoulder has eased.  My hip dislocating  (naturally) has stopped and I already feel the benefits.  What a great reminder to my clients own journies.

So I’m dropping the weight and handing it over (because a clean gym is a happy gym and just as everyone has baggage, fold it.) 😄

Seek out those who have your best interests at heart and put your desires in action.  Feel the energy give way to movement and live life, as a friend of mine taught me, “mobility begets stability,” the same holds true in life.

Let go and move in a 3D world.

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