Waiting. Waiting. Gone.

Divorce is a veiled monster who grazes on green pastures, over there, on the other side.

Waiting. Waiting. Gone.

They say, “Kids are resilient and brilliant. Soon they won’t know what’s different.”

Waiting. Waiting. Gone.

Memories that would be and memories that won’t be, linger in “what ifs?” and “should be’s.”

Waiting. Waiting. Gone.

Forgotten are the Grandmas and grandpas, the auntys and uncles, in divorce’s shadow  as they are,

Waiting. Waiting. Gone.

Foolish are we who tread cavalierly, on hearts who ache to be, a part of this once was family.

Waiting. Waiting. Gone.

So we go about our day. We laugh and we play because tomorrow will soon be gone.


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