Facing My Giant

I think that if I had lived during the reign of King David, I would be fully enamoured and probably the president of his fan club. He would be my One Direction crush. My Marky Mark. My Gerard Butler, or perhaps even my Trevor Linden of the time. I would have his face sculptured and etched on my bedroom wall, and I would swoon with butterflies and batted eyelash every time his presence came near to mine.

I realized something last night while reading David’s psalms. The words are so powerful, they are raw and intimate, from one man’s heart to his heavenly Father – and I find myself taken back. This man knows how to write. This man feels the depth of life as it bruises and permeates his soul.

This man is beautiful and handsome and I think I have a crush on him. I pause to stop and think for a moment about David and his life. His writings sing praises and blessings as well as confess his darkest sorrows and struggles. He’s committed the darkest of sins, adultery and murders his top warrior and friend to cover it up. He’s tormented not only by his choices but by the weight of the world watching.

His heart is exposed and he is seen. Truly seen.

Think about it.

He was a warrior and not just in the minor leagues.

1 Samuel 18:6-7 states;

As they were coming home, when David returned from striking down the Philistine, the women came out of all the cities of Israel, singing and dancing, to meet King Saul, with tambourines, with songs of joy, and with musical instruments.[a] And the women sang to one another as they celebrated,

“Saul has struck down his thousands, and David his ten thousands.”

 Ladies, he was Gerard Butler in 300 only FOR REAL and besides you know what they say about a man in uniform, I’m sure it rang true back then as well. Did he not dance naked in the street, drunk and celebrating his victory – the man, like in true manly behaviour, was confident and liked to show off.  

As a Shepard boy who was not yet a warrior, not yet a king; he did whats others feared and when they lacked the faith he stepped up to the plate. There was no grand entrance, or pomp and circumstance when faced with the enormity of Goliath who stood before him. He was no skilled warrior like those who cowered behind him. He had no years of experience in combat or military training, also like those beside him. He was a boy who tended sheep and unlike the men beside him when the time came to take a stand, he stood. He stepped up to the plate and swung.



Don’t we all face Goliath’s at one point or another in life? Some proverbial, some literal.  How many of us just stand there too scared to move, or how many of us take the swing? I think that often we get overwhelmed as we believe that the required response is directly proportional to the perceived epic size of the Goliath that faces us. When God prepared David for that moment in skill and courage in being a lowly shepherd boy.  Most times it’s not until after the fact that we see with true vision – we accomplished the unaccomplishable. I see this trait in David and my respect for the man greatly increases for where my faith would have lacked, his delivered. To have a man take a small step in faith when faced with something we perceive as overwhelmingly big, is a trait that is to be admired and appreciated.

Maybe, just maybe, the lesson we can take it is found in the value  of the simplest of action which leads onto greater feats of courage afterward. A shepherd boy who became a warrior, who became a king.

AND YET….He was humbled.

There’s his fatal flaw or rather the second thing in life he will forever be known for in the history of mankind. Talk about the epitome of small town gossip gone global…..and historical.

A Warrior.   A Cheater.  A Murderer.

He struggled. He suffered. He failed and failed again.  There was the adultery with Bathsheba and the cover up MURDER with her husband Uriah when he found out she was pregnant – his top warrior and friend – murdered on the front lines of battle. This of course he paid dearly for. Of course I’m not advocating and justifying his sin but what I do love to read about it is his Psalms. Maybe it’s the character development like in a novel that tugs at my heart, you can feel his remorse and see the pain and anguish in his writings as your taken through his journey of forgiveness and peace.

So Why Does It Matter?

I realize He was no different than any man on this earth. He was human with human desires and human weakness. For me his story reminds me of God’s unconditional love even in times of sorrow, sin and pain – God can take something bad and make it work for his own glory. I mean, the birth of Christ came from the lineage of David and Bathsheba. God did that on purpose to show his grace and mercy. It is written that throughout his life, David was considered a man after God’s own heart.

Even in his failures God blesses him.  As a man.  As a king.  As a warrior.  As a husband.

I’m reflecting on the character traits of the man, David (prior to Uriah’s murder) that is to be desired. He was a warrior, he fights for his family and works hard. He’s a lover, he shares his innermost thoughts with those he loves. He loves his LORD. He brought his family up in the way of the LORD. He was not perfect and had a past.  He was human and struggled with sin but he was a man after God’s own heart and through Him, extended grace and just leadership over his household and his nation.

I do have Goliath moments. When life becomes lonely and overwhelmed with too many Goliath’s, I look to my Father for strength and wisdom. He hears my sorrows, he collects my tears and he has written in my heart his name and I am his. He is my heavenly Father and in Him and in Him I will face my giants.


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