A Royal Affair

This assignment was to reflect upon or tell a story about trust, however the challenge was in the layout or form of an acrostic using internal rhyme.  My subject was Sir Lancelot who had a love affair with his Queen Guinevere and their betrayal to King Arthur.  This story is epic and as grand as it may seem a broken heart is the true betrayal of trust.  I give you my poem on being B-R-O-K-E-N.

Battles sought and in war he fought, this tale of Sir Lancelot.

Raptured and all in love, ’twas Queen Guinevere he dreamed of.

O‘re she lies with death’s blood she bares, a beauty she no longer wears.

King Arthur falls to his demise for in love’s battle, he now dies,

Ever after’s and tragic ends, death for all but one, condemned .

Now he mourns his love affair, in faith’s robes Lancelot now bears.

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