36B Shanghai to Delhi 

The aisles were congested and the air was thick with humidity with what I guessed was human day-old sweat, as most planes tend to be when boarding a long haul flight like this. I was tired and exhausted and not really looking forward to the next eight hours to my final destination of Delhi, India. … Continue reading 36B Shanghai to Delhi 

Refined by Fire?…..Not Exactly

I remember watching it burn. It was magical really. The flame danced in its coat of yellow, orange and blue and just as the last of the match was consumed by the flame, pain seared my fingertips and in an instant reaction I dropped it. I had dropped it on to my mom’s pants lying … Continue reading Refined by Fire?…..Not Exactly

Here’s to New Endings in 2014

I truly believe in the value of new beginnings, fresh starts, do-over’s, mulligan’s and game-on’s. Everyone and everything deserves a second chance or have the opportunity for change. The thing I think that most people forget sometimes in order to achieve change we must acknowledge the past or the history that has brought us to … Continue reading Here’s to New Endings in 2014

Tis the Season of Gratitude

Gratitude in the Workplace Have you ever read or heard a word spoken and the thought comes to you “WOW, great word usage?”  It happens to me all the time.  I love words, especially ones that sink deep. Sometimes one word can describe a thought or emotion with such clarity and depth that no other … Continue reading Tis the Season of Gratitude

“You had me at Hello” just doesn’t have the same effect.

Most of my blogs tend to cover great defining moments in life where big decisions were made or an experience impressed upon me the need to vent via virtual ink. It's not that my life has suddenly become mundane or flavorless, much like plain oatmeal - good, healthy and yet unremarkable to the palate of … Continue reading “You had me at Hello” just doesn’t have the same effect.