Jezebel – The Day After

Click Here to Read Part 1: If I were to tell you that life to this point was bordering on the mundane, I would be lying to you. My life has been known to be a seesaw of events, especially over the past few years at the time of this event, as the saga … Continue reading Jezebel – The Day After

Deconstructing Chaos

Back to the Basics Remember when things were less complicated?  The ebb and flow of chaos in life consisted of Sunday afternoon sit down dinners, school lunch was homemade and music lyrics had depth and meaning?  Remember when summers consisted of picking berries and gathering firewood in prep for the winter and family dinners weren’t … Continue reading Deconstructing Chaos

7 Things In Life that I’ve Learned the Hard Way

1. A texted “MWAH” actually is a kiss and not an evil laugh. Did you know that MWAH in texting language is a kiss?  For the longest time my ex-husband would send a MWAH and it would irritate the hell out of me as I thought it was an evil laugh, like mwah-ah-ah-ah-ah.  Confused as … Continue reading 7 Things In Life that I’ve Learned the Hard Way

You Can’t Hurt Me….I’m made of Irony.

"Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the courthouse together with my ex going through the motions of filing for divorce so I thought I would mark the occasion with a short blog regarding my experience.  I don't normally write about the particular events or people in my life, but today, it seems appropriate.  I thought … Continue reading You Can’t Hurt Me….I’m made of Irony.

Here’s to New Endings in 2014

I truly believe in the value of new beginnings, fresh starts, do-over’s, mulligan’s and game-on’s. Everyone and everything deserves a second chance or have the opportunity for change. The thing I think that most people forget sometimes in order to achieve change we must acknowledge the past or the history that has brought us to … Continue reading Here’s to New Endings in 2014