A Royal Affair

This assignment was to reflect upon or tell a story about trust, however the challenge was in the layout or form of an acrostic using internal rhyme.  My subject was Sir Lancelot who had a love affair with his Queen Guinevere and their betrayal to King Arthur.  This story is epic and as grand as … Continue reading A Royal Affair

7 Things In Life that I’ve Learned the Hard Way

1. A texted “MWAH” actually is a kiss and not an evil laugh. Did you know that MWAH in texting language is a kiss?  For the longest time my ex-husband would send a MWAH and it would irritate the hell out of me as I thought it was an evil laugh, like mwah-ah-ah-ah-ah.  Confused as … Continue reading 7 Things In Life that I’ve Learned the Hard Way

Ode to Man on Valentines Day

Woman. What a curious creature we are! Historically, we have had built and broken kingdoms. Monuments have been built in our honour. Prose have been penned in mourning both battle of war and heart. We bore the very men who have bled for us, fought for us and died for us. Men have loved us, not … Continue reading Ode to Man on Valentines Day