Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

It's been eight years at the end of this month that I'll have been a single mom. Anyone who has gone through a divorce will know that it's a couple of years of pure hell on earth. Ripping at the seams of the very fibres of your core values and beliefs, or the clash thereof. … Continue reading Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Jezebel And The Man Next Door

Part one of a two part story.
Before I continue on in my adventures In India and meeting Mahdi in the airport, I must go back in time to two years ago. Little did I know that the weekend's events would end so terribly but how it would challenge my fears and prejudices just a few short months later when I met a man far across the seas from another world. This weekend has had a lasting impact on myself, my family's life and set the underlying tone when I first met Mahdi online through mutual contacts on social media. To this day, it marks as one for the history books in the journey of Jennel.


“You do realize that your a perfectionist, Jennel?” Nervous laughter escapes my being as I exclaim “What? Me a perfectionist? I am FAR from being a perfectionist.  I have a long way to go for that!” “Did you know that only perfectionists say they are far from being a perfectionist?” I am silent with reflection … Continue reading Perfectionismist