I Have Wrestled with a Grizzly Bear

I have this reaccuring nightmare both real and imaginary. Tonight she hunted me again.

Ode to Man on Valentines Day

Woman. What a curious creature we are! Historically, we have had built and broken kingdoms. Monuments have been built in our honour. Prose have been penned in mourning both battle of war and heart. We bore the very men who have bled for us, fought for us and died for us. Men have loved us, not … Continue reading Ode to Man on Valentines Day

Grandpa, Tell Me about the Good Ol’ Days

  Jeans and T-shirts were the in thing to wear.  I walked back and fourth to town which was 1.5 miles, give or take a few.  We took the "beater" truck for drives out in the backwoods.  Apparently it was cool to wear sorrel boots and shorts to school in the middle of winter.  We … Continue reading Grandpa, Tell Me about the Good Ol’ Days


“You do realize that your a perfectionist, Jennel?” Nervous laughter escapes my being as I exclaim “What? Me a perfectionist? I am FAR from being a perfectionist.  I have a long way to go for that!” “Did you know that only perfectionists say they are far from being a perfectionist?” I am silent with reflection … Continue reading Perfectionismist