“Please Pass the Salt. This Person’s a Little Bland” – A Note on Cannibalism, Bacon and Kindred Spirits.


The comings and goings of day-to-day people within our lives is an on going inevitable thing.  It's those we meet once-in-a-blue-moon, where time and circumstance give birth to happenstance and we immediately hit it off. Anne of Green Gables had her bosom friend and kindred spirit, Diana Barry and Gilbert Blythe. Thelma had Louise, Elizabeth … Continue reading “Please Pass the Salt. This Person’s a Little Bland” – A Note on Cannibalism, Bacon and Kindred Spirits.

Jezebel And The Man Next Door

Part one of a two part story. Before I continue on in my adventures In India and meeting Mahdi in the airport, I must go back in time to two years ago. Little did I know that the weekend's events would end so terribly but how it would challenge my fears and prejudices just a few short months later when I met a man far across the seas from another world. This weekend has had a lasting impact on myself, my family's life and set the underlying tone when I first met Mahdi online through mutual contacts on social media. To this day, it marks as one for the history books in the journey of Jennel.

Through the Smartphone Looking Glass

About a year ago through the wonders of social media, a friend serving in Afghanistan and the cross connected world that we all share, I made a friend. Our opening conversations were random, sometimes ridiculous, with a hint of curiosity, but always genuine. Every so often, events in life, would spark up those topics of life … Continue reading Through the Smartphone Looking Glass

Ode to Man on Valentines Day

Woman. What a curious creature we are! Historically, we have had built and broken kingdoms. Monuments have been built in our honour. Prose have been penned in mourning both battle of war and heart. We bore the very men who have bled for us, fought for us and died for us. Men have loved us, not … Continue reading Ode to Man on Valentines Day

Confessions – Vanessa Spark and her Sister Luce Bianchi

Unlike most of my blogs published and unpublished, my writings usually muse and rant over a raw heart, fresh from some traumatic event that usually occurs when you mix boys and vulnerability together.  This little diddy however is dedicated to my step sister Tracie Gillis.  Like Cinderella and her struggles in life, love and….. mice, … Continue reading Confessions – Vanessa Spark and her Sister Luce Bianchi