Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

It's been eight years at the end of this month that I'll have been a single mom. Anyone who has gone through a divorce will know that it's a couple of years of pure hell on earth. Ripping at the seams of the very fibres of your core values and beliefs, or the clash thereof. … Continue reading Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

10 Reasons I Walk my Daughter to School Everyday

Every morning I walk my daughter to school.  It's become something she sees as a mom/daughter moment. But it's more than that.  These are 10 reasons I walk my daughter to school everyday. 1. It's creates routine. 2. It's gets my dog walked. 3. It creates an opportunity for conversation 4. There can be zero … Continue reading 10 Reasons I Walk my Daughter to School Everyday

The Cinderella Rule

THE CINDERELLA RULE Over the past few years I have created some personal "rules of engagement" in order to govern and control Vanessa and the events that seems to ride in on life via her chaotic coattails. My motivation and intention of applying these rules come from a sense of responsibility, integrity and moral fortitude. … Continue reading The Cinderella Rule