Jezebel – The Day After

Click Here to Read Part 1: If I were to tell you that life to this point was bordering on the mundane, I would be lying to you. My life has been known to be a seesaw of events, especially over the past few years at the time of this event, as the saga … Continue reading Jezebel – The Day After

Jezebel And The Man Next Door

Part one of a two part story.
Before I continue on in my adventures In India and meeting Mahdi in the airport, I must go back in time to two years ago. Little did I know that the weekend's events would end so terribly but how it would challenge my fears and prejudices just a few short months later when I met a man far across the seas from another world. This weekend has had a lasting impact on myself, my family's life and set the underlying tone when I first met Mahdi online through mutual contacts on social media. To this day, it marks as one for the history books in the journey of Jennel.

Ode to Man on Valentines Day

Woman. What a curious creature we are! Historically, we have had built and broken kingdoms. Monuments have been built in our honour. Prose have been penned in mourning both battle of war and heart. We bore the very men who have bled for us, fought for us and died for us. Men have loved us, not … Continue reading Ode to Man on Valentines Day

Evolution of 3 Words Never Spoken

I wasn't ready to share this before, time's handiwork allowed for healing and beauty in being raw and real. I share because its story has been told many times over. I and love miss am over and you. Hypnotic in its stare, the computer screen sits before me flashing its cursor, anxious for movement; waiting... waiting... waiting... … Continue reading Evolution of 3 Words Never Spoken

The Cinderella Rule

THE CINDERELLA RULE Over the past few years I have created some personal "rules of engagement" in order to govern and control Vanessa and the events that seems to ride in on life via her chaotic coattails. My motivation and intention of applying these rules come from a sense of responsibility, integrity and moral fortitude. … Continue reading The Cinderella Rule